Scalp Micropigmentation For Thinning Hair

Scalp Micropigmentation For Thinning Hair
We have all heard about the magic of microblading for fuller-looking brows, but did you know there’s a similar solution for thinning hair too?
Yes, scalp micropigmentation is a procedure for your scalp that gives the illusion of fuller hair.

What makes scalp micropigmentation (SMP) a popular thinning hair solution?

Cosmetic scalp pigmentation, or micro pigmentation for hair, has become one of the most popular thinning hair solutions in recent years among men and women for hair loss and scar camouflage. Most clients prefer scalp micro pigmentation for thinning hair as it is less painful and expensive than any surgery.
Some advantages of SMP over other thinning hair solutions include the following:
● Minimal pain & discomfort
● Instant flawless results
● Requires less maintenance
● Less expensive
● Suits every skin type
● No severe side-effects
● Confidence boost

What is scalp micropigmentation?

SMP, commonly known as a “hair tattoo,” is a practice of covering bald spots or thinning hair without the need for surgery. It is one of the modern thinning hair solutions in which practitioners deposit tiny dots of pigment on the scalp using thin needles. This covers the bald spots and gives you a shaved head look.

How does SMP Work?

SMP does not focus on hairline restoration but uses tiny layered dots in different shades of black to give the illusion of a shadow on your scalp. This style (pointillism) gives your scalp a more natural-looking depth and definition.
Our skilled practitioners at Skulltec in Scotland will work to ensure those dots blend seamlessly with your complexion and appear like natural hair follicles. We can provide a cost-effective and stylish hair transplant alternative in Scotland and have you looking (and feeling) your best again!

Who is a Good Candidate for SMP?

Our SMP experts at Skulltec can help people deal with all forms of hair loss issues, such as:
● Thinning hair
● Hair loss triggered by Alopecia
● Male & female pattern baldness
● Hair loss due to hormonal conditions like PCOS
● Poor growth due to birthmarks or scars on the scalp
● Cancer-related hair loss

Scalp micropigmentation for thinning hair: step-by-step process

Once you’ve done your research and decided to opt for SMP, here are some guidelines to consider before the procedure:
● Take a shower before the procedure, as you won’t be able to wet your scalp for four days following each appointment
● Each step of the treatment takes four to five hours, so prepare yourself accordingly
● How many sessions you will need depends upon the amount of scalp getting SMP
● Each session will be held a few weeks apart.
Avoid swimming, steam, or sauna room, or taking extremely hot showers between the treatment sessions.
During the first four days after each session, avoid exposing your scalp to the sun without a hat. On the fifth day, however, the treated scalp could be exposed to sunlight for 45 minutes to an hour. For better long-term retention, less sun exposure is advised.


After your final session, it is important to:
● Avoid steam baths or sauna rooms for 28 days.
● Avoid swimming for 28 days
● Avoid high-intensity exercises for the first five days after the final session
● Start moisturising the treated area after the fourth day of your final treatment

Does SMP hurt?

Before each session, a topical numbing agent will be applied to your scalp by your SMP practitioner. That said, remember that you might still feel some discomfort depending on your pain tolerance capacity.

Who should avoid SMP?

Anyone suffering from scalp acne or psoriasis should avoid scalp micropigmentation for thinning hair (or any other reason) during a flare-up. Also, if you are prone to developing keloids (common in darker skin), SMP is not a wise choice.

How long do the SMP results last?

Scalp micropigmentation is a semi-permanent treatment. While the effect can last up to eight years, the pigmentation will fade as our skin naturally exfoliates itself.
However, when done incorrectly, the results may look unrealistic or patchy, negatively affecting your confidence. Also, the effects might not last long if the wrong shade is used. Thus, consulting an experienced professional before opting for scalp micro pigmentation for thinning hair (or otherwise) is crucial for achieving the best results.

Scalp Micropigmentation For Thinning Hair Side Effects

Just like any other medical procedure, SMP also involves some risks.
Technically, micro pigmentation for hair is not considered a tattoo, as tattoo ink penetrates much deeper into the skin using a thicker needle – but it carries similar risks. Some of these risks include allergies triggered by certain compounds used in the pigment and infections caused by the tattoo ink itself.
It is important to remember that becoming an SMP artist requires no formal training. It is vital that you do your due diligence while looking for a reliable SMP practitioner.
Closing Thoughts
SMP is one of the simplest thinning hair solutions that can instantly change your look without surgery. The slight discomfort you will feel during the sessions will be worthwhile, considering the confidence boost it will provide.
Skulltec is an award-winning service provider for scalp micropigmentation in Scotland. We are an expert team of SMP professionals who can help change how you look and restore your confidence. Don’t take us for our word. Visit our website, read the reviews, and see the results for yourself. We only employ practitioners with extensive scalp micropigmentation training to give you the best experience possible!
To know more about our thinning hair solutions, contact us today.