SMP in Kent

Scalp Micropigmentation, a type of hair tattoo, is a non-invasive procedure that inserts color into the scalp using tiny needles. As a result, small hair follicles start to form, which thickens the hair and gives it a fuller appearance again. The hair loss therapy, when applied by a qualified professional like our own Kent Scalp Micropigmentation specialists, can restore receded hairlines, thicken remaining hair, hide transplant scarring, and give the appearance of close-cropped hair.

For people with mild hair thinning or recession, hair micro pigmentation is also beneficial. The procedure conceals natural thinning and produces an imperceptible illusion of thicker, stronger hair by precisely recreating your own natural hair follicles and hair color. SMP bears no severe lifestyle or daily constraints and requires little to no ongoing upkeep. It mimics the appearance of a buzz cut that just left the barbershop.

Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure

1. Getting an SMP treatment is easy enough. However, to obtain the best results, visit an SMP technician who has a lot of hands-on experience in the field, like one of our friendly team here at Skulltec.

2. Once you find an expert technician, make an appointment for a consultation. During the consultation, the technician will determine the reason for your hair loss and understand what you want to achieve from the treatment.

3. Based on this understanding, the sessions will be planned and the process will begin. After each session, you’ll see a significant difference right away!

What To Expect During The SMP Procedure?

When getting ready for your SMP treatment, don’t forget the following:

● Take a shower before a session as you won’t be allowed to wet your scalp for four days after each session

● Each part of the treatment takes four to five hours to complete, so plan your day ahead accordingly

● How many sessions you will require depends on how much of your scalp you want to be covered

● Maintain a few weeks’ gap between each session


● Avoid swimming, steam rooms, saunas or hot showers in between sessions

● Avoid sun exposure without covering your head for the first four days after each session

● On the fifth day, though, you can expose the treated scalp to the sun for 45 minutes to an hour. Less time in the sun ensures long-term retention.


● After your last session, you should stay away from saunas and steam rooms and avoid swimming for 28 days

● Stay away from high-intensity workouts for the first 5 days after your last session

● After the fourth day of your last treatment, you can start to moisturise the treated area.

At Skulltec, we have a team of experienced scalp technicians who have been practising scalp micropigmentation in Scotland and throughout the rest of the UK for many years. This has allowed us to have an expert understanding of hair fall issues!

As a result, we provide you with the best and most affordable hair fall solution in Kent and our other clinics in the UK. Your satisfaction is always our first priority! To learn more about our innovative hair fall solution in Kent and other places in the UK, browse through our website or contact us for a consultation.

Scalp Micropigmentation Types

Scalp Micropigmentation is not simply a one scenario solution to hair loss, it can be applied to many different types of issues which cause hair loss. A few different types can be seen below, please feel free to select the one applicable to you and find our more about how SMP can help you.

For Men

Scalp Micropigmentation can help men with hair loss problems, this usually comes in the form of adding density to thinning hair, or replacing a hairline that has receded.

SMP For Men

For Women

SMP Long hair

It’s a common assumption that Scalp Micropigmentation can only help men, this is however not the case. Women suffer from thinning hair and hair loss too and SMP can help.

SMP For Women

For Alopecia


All forms of Alopecia can be treated using Scalp Micropigmentation. Areata, Ardrogenic and even Totalis can all be disguised using Scalp Micropigmentation techniques.

SMP For Alopecia

For Scarring

SMP for scar

People often elect to have a hair transplant to solve their hair loss worries. However FUT and FUE treatments leave scarring at the back of the head which can be covered using Scalp Micropigmentation.

SMP For Scarring