SMP For Alopecia

SMP For Alopecia

SMP For Alopecia

SMP For Alopecia

Covers all types of alopecia

We call hair loss, hair loss. We call baldness, baldness.  Few know that both terms are versions of alopecia.  Alopecia in men generally begins with small areas and spreads.  Alopecia in women is highly unpredictable with little to no expectation of duration or recovery.

We tend to consider alopecia as full head baldness.  In the case of alopecia totalis that is exactly what occurs.  However, in the case of alopecia universalis hair loss occurs all over the body.  Both can be distressing since it can be sudden and without explanation.  Science has not yet discovered the reason for these varieties of alopecia, despite many speculations.

Regardless of the reason, there is no cure and no reliable treatment to restore hair growth.  It is not uncommon for Skulltec artists to welcome clients who have tried and spent money on many other remedies, only to find themselves frustrated and discouraged.


We can help

This is our moment…when we can offer our alopecia clients a solution that has no downside or downtime.  There is no mystery and no false promise.  SMP delivers exactly what it purports—the appearance of a shaved or close buzz cut on an otherwise hairless scalp.   We cannot promise the restoration of your hair.  We can promise a fashionable look that tells the world this was your choice, and this is your look.  Your best features are accentuated, amplified.

At consultation we carefully set out a plan and discuss goals.  Alopecia is not always permanent.  However, regrowth timelines cannot be predicted.  We consider the future, and deal in the here and now.  We want you to leave smiling.

Skulltec uses only all-natural vegan pigments in a variety of hues to achieve optimal realism.  We are dedicated to delivering a long-term solution over your 2 or 3 sessions of treatment.

Book your consultation today, scan our gallery and our testimonials.  See you soon.