Hair Pigmentation Treatment | Micropigmentation For Hair

Hair Pigmentation Treatment
While researching potential treatments for hair loss, you might have come across ‘hair pigmentation’. Undergoing a hair pigmentation procedure makes it possible to conceal your bald spots and lessen the visual distinction between your scalp’s skin and the hair follicles. This gives the impression that you have a short buzzcut.
You’re probably curious about learning more and wondering what it can do for you. Hair pigmentation is somewhat similar to getting a tattoo because, in both procedures, pigment or ink is injected into the skin using a needle. However, hair pigmentation requires much smaller needles.
Now that you have a basic idea of what hair pigmentation is let’s explore the procedure in detail.


Hair Pigmentation And Scalp Micropigmentation Difference


Many people wonder whether or not hair pigmentation and scalp micropigmentation are the same thing. Don’t worry! The process of hair pigmentation and the scalp micropigmentation procedure are essentially the same thing. Scalp micropigmentation is also commonly referred to as SMP, scalp tattoos, micropigmentation for hair, micro hair pigmentation and hair tattoos.
However, it is essential to keep in mind that scalp micropigmentation and tricopigmentation (a different type of hair pigmentation) are not the same procedures. Trichopigmentation, in contrast to scalp micropigmentation, is a form of micropigmentation that is more temporary.
Trichopigmentation has a shorter lifespan than scalp micropigmentation (which can last between four and six years), ranging from six to eighteen months.
There are additional distinctions that can be made between scalp micropigmentation and tricopigmentation, such as the measures taken during the process and the costs involved.


Getting Hair Pigmentation And Getting A Tattoo Difference


A tattoo and hair pigmentation or scalp micropigmentation are not the same procedure. The ink used for micropigmentation is only placed approximately two layers deep, while tattoo ink is typically injected much deeper into the skin, between three to four layers deep in the skin.
When the ink is injected deeper into the skin, like in tattoos, it can spread into the surrounding areas and appear blurry. In SMP, the ink will have a crisp and clear appearance, better mimicking the look of hair follicles.
The pain associated with scalp micropigmentation is typically much more tolerable than the pain associated with tattoos due to smaller needles. In addition, hair pigmentation or SMP requires very little maintenance compared to tattoos. However, to achieve long-lasting results from micropigmentation for hair, it is advised to limit the amount of time spent in the sun and take other preventative measures, such as using sunscreen on the treated areas after the first few days following the procedure.
Also, the process of tattooing uses different tools and inks compared to those used in scalp micropigmentation. During the SMP procedure, it is possible to personalise hair pigment inks to match your particular hair colour. Additionally, the pigment inks and pen machines that are used during SMP are designed solely for hair pigmentation.
This procedure uses the highest-quality inks, those that are made with natural components, such as folicule. In the absence of this precaution, the addition of particular chemicals or ingredients may result in irritability or allergic reactions.


Should I Have Micropigmentation Done With My Hair?


If your hairline is receding, or you have bald spots on the crown or are completely bald, you should consider scalp micropigmentation as a solution. One of the procedure’s many advantages is the precision with which one can restore their ideal look and hairline through scalp micropigmentation. After your scalp micropigmentation treatment, you will emerge with a buzz cut that is neat, tidy, and simple to care for.




It is highly recommended that you visit a scalp micropigmentation specialist who has both experience and training, as dealing with hair loss can be challenging. Because of this, it is essential to conduct background checks on any potential specialists from whom you intend to get scalp micropigmentation.
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