Apparently Self Care (Bit of a Pamper) Helps Depression, I Agree, Now


I completely let myself go during the worst of my depression; frankly I couldn’t have cared less about how I looked. My staple Maw outfit of Leggings and a vest top made me so incredibly comfortable I was having episodes where I wanted to rip my skin off because I’m summoned up the courage to dare to wear a pair of jeans. Slowly, but surely I’m making more on an effort to look after me too.

You see, I am by no means Miss UK and I’m more than aware I’ve creeped up a dress size. Picking something that would be the right thing for me to perk myself up was really hard. How could I pick something that would boost my self-confidence with minimal effort, when I couldn’t even stand to look at myself in the mirror. Eyebrows, Lips, Hair extensions all required effort and with two tiny terrorists that makes things difficult to even have 5 minutes to myself.

I started seeing a lot of posts on Facebook for Skulltec – I absolutely loved the before and after pictures. My passion for hair made me love this even more, guys getting their hairlines back to make them feel great. I was chuffed for them, being a big fan of a Baldy heid – cause a hairdresser will never take her work home with her – I thought the changes for these guys must be massive, the confidence the return of the hairline changes their whole face and I’d imagine it would have made them walk a whole lot taller with a belting grin.

Then came the picture, a wee day out with the girls, photo bombed the picture caught red handed with a litre of RedBull and the Maw bun – there it was clear as day, the trauma of having two kids 14 months apart showed massively in the form of a big gaping hole not even remotely masked by the two new hair horns growing could cover it! PING!?! The light bulb came on and I knew what I wanted to do. Granted I was mortified, and I didn’t contact the page directly, I contacted the Queen of Hair about her Husband’s business and she reassured me he’d look after me. Barry gave me a quick bell and the consultation was set.

The consultation was quick and easy and we’d clicked on the same page I felt reassured I was with a real professional. However I will say which is important Barry was kind and said politely that it wasn’t that bad, which made getting it done a million percent my decision and my choice. I was having it! Appointment made which took a bit to get my diary free and I was eager to get started. Appointment one was easier than I thought it would be, Barry and I was so busy talking that I hadn’t even noticed he’d started let alone said right that’s you have a look! I noticed immediately the difference in my hair! The only regret I had was not doing my colour before I started the process – bloody grey hair drove me nuts. I followed Barry’s Golden Rules and got set for session two. Session two was like a therapy session, maybe it’s cool that your talking whilst someone holds you head, or that the sensation of it getting done is like someone counting your hair follicles with a pencil, it’s not sore it’s soothing. Job done and Wow it was even more noticeable and I loved it – well apart from that cheeky grey hair!

I can’t tell you the difference in two weeks how much of an impact it made on my life. It completely perked me up knowing that I might look like a totally stressed out mum but not that much that you can see my scalp as the kids run circles around me. My hair no longer looked like it was all I had left in the world but it looked thick, scraping it back I felt amazing, like I had definition back in my face.

Session Three –
Barry says would you like to go darker and I’m like mate get the sharpie out Lego Head me – obviously I’m joking but I just wanted more because I was so buzzing from the first two sessions and how it looked I wanted more! What a difference, I’ve had a cry about the difference its made, how I feel about looking in the mirror and not having my scalp wave back at me. I no longer look like I’ve fallen apart on the outside to the world, no more massive circles of here’s what happens when you have two kids close together. I looked and I was reminded of younger days, with more energy! It’s certainly boosted my confidence, God help the world ear ache all round as I’ll be banging on about how awesome this is for a long time!

A massive thanks to Barry not only for the amazing job, being a genius and being one part of the MR and MRS hair duo. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of my recovery from depression and for giving me back some self-confidence to take the rest of the world on. Thank you.