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How to get a career started in scalp micropigmentation (SMP)

Here at Skulltec, we specialise in offering scalp micropigmentation, with hair loss clinics in Paisley, Glasgow, Ayrshire, Doncaster and Exeter. We are the largest SMP (scalp micropigmentation) specialist in the whole of Scotland, offering clients every kind of hair loss solution from scar camouflage to density treatment. In addition to offering these services to our customers, […]

The importance of following proper aftercare in the weeks after your treatment.

When preparing to have scalp micropigmentation treatment to combat balding or thinning hair, there is a lot of dedicated time and energy involved in the process. From researching whether the treatment is the right choice for you, to booking in the appointments to have the pigmentation sessions done, many feel a sense of relief and […]

Not 1, Not 2, But 5 Hair Transplants

We’ve done a case study on our model so we can help encourage you to consider Scalp Micro Pigmentation as an option when considering a hair transplant. A hair transplant is expensive, it’s also a big decision, it will have a huge impact on your appearance, and change your life forever, especially your confidence and […]

Apparently Self Care (Bit of a Pamper) Helps Depression, I Agree, Now

I completely let myself go during the worst of my depression; frankly I couldn’t have cared less about how I looked. My staple Maw outfit of Leggings and a vest top made me so incredibly comfortable I was having episodes where I wanted to rip my skin off because I’m summoned up the courage to […]