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People all around the world experience hair loss, irrespective of their age or gender. While losing some hair daily is natural and doesn’t need any special attention, it becomes a problem if it stops following a regular cycle and you begin losing more than normal. Various factors, including side effects of medications, hormonal changes, therapy for cancer, heredity, any underlying medical condition, etc., can trigger hair loss in people.
With most hair loss treatments available in the UK being expensive, invasive, and taking time to show results, people are often looking for an affordable solution, locally, for hair fall in Exeter. And of course, they are looking for results! This is where our hair loss clinic in Exeter can help you.

Understanding Hair Loss

Male Hair Loss: Men suffer from hair loss irrespective of their age. It begins during the teen years and continues throughout life until old age. However, the severity of hair loss is often predetermined genetically. In men, the hormone dihydrotestosterone present in the blood attacks the hair follicles along the hairline and temple region, which causes them to stop growing. As a result, their hair shafts grow thinner, weaker, and shorter with time. This is a condition known as male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia. If you are struggling with hair fall in Exeter, you can consult our specialists to find an effective solution- we always have one of our friendly, expert team members on hand to help!

Hair loss clinic exeter


Female Hair Loss: Approximately 60% of females worldwide suffer from some kind of hair loss issue. This causes untold amounts of anxiety for the sufferer, as social opinion generally regards hair loss as a male problem, which is incorrect! More than half of the clinics for hair fall in Exeter serve females, and on a regular basis too.
One of the most common types of hair loss women witness nowadays is female androgenic alopecia or female pattern baldness. This is a genetic disorder which primarily affects the hair follicles in the crown area of females. It causes a gradual decrease in scalp hair growth while increasing facial or body hair growth.
Telogen effluvium is another common female hair loss problem that causes heavy hair shedding. The shedding typically peaks around the third month, but hair density can already be 40% lower by this time. Iron deficiency is a major factor responsible for developing chronic telogen effluvium.
A telogen effluvium reaction can also be triggered in females during childbirth; the sudden drop in female hormone levels after childbirth can result in a temporary hair-shedding condition three months later. This isn't usually a big deal; it's just that the high levels of female hormones during the last three to four months of pregnancy aid in the retention of hairs that are normally shed daily.
Extreme shock, yo-yo dieting, and certain medications can also cause hair loss in women. Fortunately, women of any age suffering from hair fall in Exeter can find a solution at our hair loss clinic in Exeter to deal with the issue. We work with you, in order to find the treatment option that is best for you.
Scarring: Anyone who has undergone any hair transplant surgery is familiar with scalp scarring.  Scarring is common on the head after an injury or surgery because the wound does not heal or soften as well as other body areas. Scarring is almost always evident after an injury to the scalp, as the tissue in the scalp is dense and thick to provide protection to the most vital organ in our body. As unpleasant as scarring can appear for some people, it is your body's way of protecting itself.  When the scalp is scarred, the tissue becomes too fibrous to allow hair growth. Moreover, the injury itself frequently causes the hair shaft to become dormant.
While dealing with hair loss, most solutions will require you to change your diet, get more rest, or stick to a specific hair care routine. These are all common recommendations. Some additional measures are also recommended, but most of them involve cosmetic surgery, which not everyone can afford. Here at Skulltec, we have various specialist practitioners in our hair loss clinic in Exeter who can help you find the best solutions to deal with hair fall in Exeter in the most effective and budget-friendly way.

Finding the best solution for hair fall in Exeter:

SMP, or scalp micropigmentation, is one of the most effective hair loss treatments offered by our hair loss clinic in Exeter. It can help you deal with both premature and permanent hair fall in Exeter and also provide hairline restoration. The SMP procedure is not expensive, painful, or time-consuming.
Through SMP, you will find an ideal and quick solution to your hair loss problem, regaining your confidence. When performed by an experienced professional like those at our Skulltec hair loss clinic in Exeter, SMP can give more impressive and rapid results than you can imagine.

What is SMP and how does the outcome look?

SMP creates the illusion of hair follicles on your scalp using needles. It helps with hairline restoration and gives you a short buzz-cut look on a bald head, as well as the impression of thicker hair on a balding crown. When conducted by expert practitioners, like our team of experienced SMP artists here at Skulltec, SMP gives a natural-looking result that can be visible right after your first session.
Compared to other treatments for hair fall in Exeter, SMP is the better option because it is less expensive, takes less time, and provides a more permanent solution.
Only a handful of people can afford hair transplants or costly hair oils, serums, and other similar products. Scalp micropigmentation is one of the simplest, most effective, and most affordable hair loss treatments offered by our hair loss clinic in Exeter. It's similar to getting a tattoo in a sense because it doesn’t require much maintenance, making it a fantastic option for dealing with hair loss.

How can Skulltec’s Hair Loss Clinic in Exeter help you?

If you are suffering from hair fall in Exeter but don’t have the time or money to spend on expensive hair transplants or cosmetic surgery, SMP is the best way for you to deal with the issue. Compared to other medical procedures, SMP is not invasive and doesn’t cause any severe side effects.
At Skulltec, we have been providing scalp micropigmentation for many years now and have plenty of experience when it comes to hair loss issues and their solutions. Please go through our website to learn more about the various services we offer, or contact our hair loss clinic in Exeter to book a consultation today!